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Board of Directors 2018-19

Toronto Chapter is represented by a team of exceptional professionals on its Board of Directors and Portfolio Team. Each Director and Portfolio Team member is passionately committed to helping the members with their professional, career, and networking development needs. The Board and the Portfolio Team works diligently putting in over 3,000 hours annually collectively in the service of the Chapter. One of the primary mandates for the Chapter is to provide the much needed support in the initial stages of Indian Chartered Accountants moving to Canada. The Board works diligently in the promotion of the ICAI brand across the Canadian workplace. Many Chapter members hold senior and decision making positions in iconic Canadian companies.

Dr. Rajender Mantra, Chairman

Email : rmantra@icaitoronto.com

Dweep Mehta, Vice Chairman

Email : dmehta@icaitoronto.com

Priyanka Baidya, Secretary

Email : pbaidya@icaitoronto.com

Saoli Chakraborty, Treasurer

Email : schakraborty@icaitoronto.com

Baljeet Kaliravna, Past Chairman & Director

Email : bkaliravna@icaitoronto.com

Himanshu Shah, Founder Chairman & Director

Email : hshah@icaitoronto.com

Monica Bora, Director

Email : mbora@icaitoronto.com

Rajiv Sood, Director

Email : rsood@icaitoronto.com

Portfolio Team Members

Akash Lakhotia
Portfolio Team Member
Avani Shah
Portfolio Team Member
Dilpreet Juneja
Portfolio Team Member
Karan Ashani
Portfolio Team Member
Neil Franco
Portfolio Team Member
Radhika Jajodia
Portfolio Team Member
Shriram BG
Portfolio Team Member
Sandeep Arora
Portfolio Team Member
Sandeep Patkar
Portfolio Team Member
Shikha Agrawal
Portfolio Team Member
Vivek Kapoor
Portfolio Team Member
Vikrant Gupta
Portfolio Team Member