Mentorship Program, Tuesday, 21-05-2030 Continuous, Venue : In-person or online meetings, Faculty : Mentors and Mentees, Fees : $0, CPE Hours : 0  

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Event Details
Title: Mentorship Program
Topic: Mentorship Program aims to mentor Chapter members in their pursuit for professional development and career upliftment
Date & Day: May 21, 2030 to December 31, 2030
Time: Continuous
Venue: In-person or online meetings
Faculty: Mentors and Mentees
CPE Hours: 0
Registration Fees: $0
Registration Date: May 20, 2020 To May 21, 2030
Mentorship Program allows members to become Mentors and coach other members who will be their Mentees. The Program Leads will connect Mentees to appropriate Mentors by matching their backgrounds and experience. Mentors will guide Mentees on the Canadian work culture, review their resumes, provide interview tips, and help in overall professional development.
The program is designed to coach Mentees for a period of 4 months that will build a long-term progressive professional Mentor-Mentee relationship and help in career building for the Mentees.
Minimum commitment from Mentors:
  • 2 to 5 active Mentees


Minimum commitment from Mentees:

  • Coordinate with assigned Mentor and schedule at least 1 meeting in a month for at least 4 continuous months from the first month the relationship is initiated


Please ensure that you enter "MENTOR" or "MENTEE" in the Remarks field on the registration page. This will help us identify whether you are registering as a Mentor or a Mentee.

The registered Mentors and Mentees will be shared further details about the program by the Program Leads.