Toronto Chapter of ICAI

We Are Toronto Chapter of ICAI

The Toronto Chapter (the 1st North American Chapter) is a not-for-profit organization in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for the Alumni (i.e. Associate and Fellow members) of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). The primary objective of the Toronto Chapter is to provide networking and professional development opportunities to its members. The Chapter was inaugurated by the then President of the Institute, Mr. Sunil Talati.

The Chapter was formed with the idea of having a common forum where the members could meet, exchange views and interact professionally with the other members. Also, this provides an ideal opportunity to the members and their families to participate in social functions and reach out to each other.

Since its inception in 2006, the Chapter has provided a platform to share and disseminate knowledge amongst our members as well as project the image of ICAI in Canada. It has also helped in developing excellent relationship between the accounting fraternities of India and Canada. The Chapter continues to enroll new members regularly and has successfully maintained the enthusiasm and commitment amongst the members through various professional development, social events and quarterly newsletters.


To Provide Indian Chartered Accountants settled in GTA career and professional development opportunities for a changing Global and Canadian Economic and Business Environment. Achieve the vision by organizing professional development activities for our members with a focus on, changing business environments, developments in Information Technology and Telecommunication, new Global partnerships, Collaborations, Government specific policies and competitive pressures from global outsourcing. Develop opportunities for Indian Chartered Accountants in Canada in emerging areas of new audit and assurance needs, tax planning services, performance measurement and control services, business risk related services, change management services, strategy management and servicing global organizations. Providing a networking and mentoring forum to the Indian Chartered Accountant who are new in Canada.


To uphold the values and principles of the Indian Chartered Accountancy profession in North America as a trusted finance professional with competencies  in managing business risks, corporate governance, assurance and audit and business competitiveness in the fast changing business world.


To help, support, promote and foster a sense of community, loyalty, fellowship, partnership and professionalism among the members of the ICAI living in the GTA.

To disseminate and provide informal consultation related to the development of accounting profession in different sectors by keeping members informed of the recent changes in the accounting standards and regulations, corporate governance, and taxation or any other topic that is relevant to the members.

To liaise, within the guidelines of the ICAI, with the professional bodies in Canada (e.g. Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada , Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario and others) to enhance the awareness of ICAI and its members to  get recognition and reciprocity for them.

To advocate the quality and professional standards of Chartered Accountants (CA’s) who are members of the ICAI in the Canadian Society through programs, activities and events of educational, social, charitable, cultural, recreational, sporting and professional nature involving members and their families.

To establish and maintain close relationship with CA’s from India, ICAI and its Chapters and other organizations to have synergy of interest.

To conduct regular meetings involving members for exchange of information on topics of mutual interests, by organizing technical sessions on accounting, auditing, information technology or any other topics, which are of interest to the members.